These messages were valued most by our readers in 2019:

1. A horrid brat in class? The story of a 3-year-old child of parents with a mental illness

2. Three reasons to value the first languages of all children in the classroom

3. The changing identity of Early Childhood Education

4. The power of structured games for children with behavioral problems

5. Equal opportunities for boys and girls through play

6. Poverty and social exclusion in ECEC

7. The science of child’s anger and how to deal with it

8. How come our preschoolers do not move enough? And what should we do?

9. Instead of a soother? – on new technologies in the lives of toddlers

10. “Boys and girls can choose what they want to do”: Children’s right to participate in ECE


We wish you a beautiful holiday season!

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Looking back at 2019 with our top 10 messages

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