How to collaborate with us?

We warmly welcome you as a guest blogger.

Get in touch and discuss your blog idea with us before you start writing!

We publish three types of posts:

  • Research updates
  • Good practices
  • Reflections

Blog posts should be newsworthy for a European audience with a good background in ECEC. Blog posts have an empirical orientation, and they may never go against solid scientific evidence. Posts with commercial goals are excluded. You may re-blog blog posts that have already been published on a website for a national audience.

As soon as your blog idea is taken up, you can start writing, with the help of our writing tips. This includes finding a good picture with the appropriate rights for publication on the internet.

You will receive feedback based on our quality guidelines. If the blogpost meets these standards, it will be published.

As long as you are a guest blogger, we will upload your text on our platform. Regular bloggers may receive a writer’s account on our platform.

Why contribute to our blog?

Spread your insights

Do you wish to support high-quality ECEC and interact directly with policymakers, trainers and expert-teachers? Do you want European expertise to cross national borders easily?

This blog will help you reach European experts in the field of ECEC in an easy way. Instead of reaching 25 attendees at an international conference, you will reach about 600 readers.

“It was a challenging experience to write for the blog. It forced me to put myself in the place of the professionals, to adjust my form of scientific writing to more accessible writing for people with less research experience, and to direct writing to the needs of the field. This challenge also contributed to my professional practice as a trainer.” (blogger)

Extend your network

Blogging is an excellent way to extend your network and become more visible as an expert.

Our bloggers gained more opportunities for dissemination through talks and field-oriented publications. They were invited to advise policymakers or collaborate on new projects.

Write to learn more

Writing blog messages is an excellent way to keep up with the research literature and understand its implications for practice.

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