This message was contributed by Cecília Aguiar (ISCTE, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa).

The is now online! We have designed this blog to make research findings and recommended practices in early childhood education more accessible and useful. Our goal is to help early childhood education professionals innovate their pedagogical practices and promote the inclusion of all children. “Why should I read the”, our potential readers may ask. Here are some reasons:

1. To obtain free and up-to-date information on inclusive pedagogical practices

In the you will find weekly messages on topics relevant to young children’s education and care, such as transition to day care, working with early childhood intervention or special education professionals, promoting language and literacy, and children’s rights. Our posts will be based on the latest research from Europe and the rest of the world, including results on the effectiveness of intervention strategies and programs. For many early childhood education and care professionals, the inclusion of children with disabilities, children from disadvantaged backgrounds, immigrant or ethnic minority children is particularly challenging. For this reason, the identification of practices with positive effects on the inclusion of all children will be a priority.

2. To learn about innovative and effective pedagogical practices

Through the you will learn about innovative pedagogical practices that contribute to the development and well-being of young children. Priority will be given to evidence-based pedagogical practices that have demonstrated positive effects in early childhood education and care settings. Through the you will also find out about promising local practices or experiences that may not be easily available to an international audience

3. To find inspiration for your everyday practices

Through the you will find out about innovative ideas and hints about how to test them in your classroom or with your group of children. Regularly, bloggers will include practical tips as well as suggestions for reflection that may stimulate change in the way you plan, work, collaborate, or evaluate.

4. To become part of a community of reflection on early childhood education

You will be able to interact with the authors of the blog posts. You may also follow and react to the comments of other readers, as well as contribute with your own comments to our shared discussions. Bloggers and readers will be able to discuss all topics, including the conditions under which a specific practice or intervention may work, or not, in everyday situations. We hope that, over time, bloggers and readers create a community for sharing perspectives and experiences. You can also propose topics for reflection and even submit posts of your own.

5. To learn about the perspectives of diverse types of professionals

Different types of professionals, including teachers from higher education schools, researchers, pedagogical coordinators of early childhood education and care settings, practicum supervisors, and early childhood education teachers, will contribute to the All contributions will be based on relevant research or successful experiences within different disciplines. However, authors will also share their personal reflections, including questions and concerns, and suggestions on pedagogical practices in real contexts and daily routines.

6. To participate in current debates on early childhood education and care

In the you will find messages about sensitive or potentially controversial topics that define the current debates in early childhood education and care. Based on research findings, authors will share their positions and challenge readers to reflect on sensitive issues. You will be able to participate in the debate by sharing your own reflections and questioning bloggers and other readers.

7. To enjoy and find inspiration

Through the, we hope to address important topics in early childhood education and care in an interesting way, through personalized writing. We wish both bloggers and readers will enjoy the experience and inspire each other!

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